Apps for macOS

WiFi Explorer App Icon

WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer is a wireless networks scanner to diagnose and help troubleshoot connectivity and performance problems in wireless networks.

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WiFi Signal App Icon

WiFi Signal

WiFi Signal provides easy access to your Wi-Fi connection details to quickly identify possible causes for low signal quality and poor performance.

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Airtool App Icon


Airtool provides basic functions to check the state and channel configuration of the built-in Wi-Fi adapter, as well as to perform frame captures on single and multiple channels.

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Apps for iOS

WiFi Explorer Icon

WiFi Explorer for iOS

WiFi Explorer for iOS is a wireless network scanner to detect and display the information of all 802.11 networks around you.

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Ping Analyzer Icon

Ping Analyzer

Ping Analyzer is an easy to use graphical network ping tool that provides real-time average, minimum and maximum round-trip times (RTT), jitter and Mean Opinion Score (MOS).

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