Airtool is a system menu bar application that provides basic functions to check the state and channel configuration of the built-in Wi-Fi adapter, as well as to perform frame captures on single and multiple channels.

Airtool can be used together with Wireshark to let you change channel settings while performing live frame captures. In addition, captures can be automatically uploaded to CloudShark or Mojo Packets.

What can you do with Airtool?

  • See Wi-Fi adapter state (associated, not associated) and channel information.
  • Disconnect from network.
  • List supported channels and channel widths.
  • Perform frame captures on single or multiple channels with an option to discard Layer 3-7 information. See Automatic Data Frame Slicing.
  • Change channel settings while performing live frame captures from external tools such as Wireshark or tcpdump.
  • Automatically or manually upload captures to the CloudShark or Mojo Packets cloud service.

Download Airtool 1.5.3

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