Easy frame captures using your Mac's built-in Wi-Fi adapter.


Requires macOS 10.10 or later.

Airtool is a system menu bar application that allows you to perform frame captures using your Mac's built-in Wi-Fi adapter with only a few clicks. You can perform captures on single or multiple channels, and automatically launch Wireshark, your favorite Mac protocol analyzer or a custom script for post-processing and analysis.

Airtool Capture

Airtool Cloud Services

Airtool provides advanced features such as automatic data frame slicing and integrates with popular cloud services such as CloudShark and Packets to automatically upload, analyze or share your captures.

Airtool is free for everybody and was created with the support of the WLAN Professionals community, whose members share a passion for all things Wi-Fi and have provided their valuable feedback to make of Airtool one of their favorite tools.

Airtool WLPC

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