January 2014

How not to find the best channel using Mavericks' Wireless Diagnostics tool

Today I came across this article titled How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Chanel with Wireless Diagnostics in Mac OS X that basically explains how to use the bundled Wi-Fi scanner that comes with OS X Mavericks to choose the best channel for your wireless network.

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There's nothing hidden about hidden networks

Every now and then I'm told by users of WiFi Explorer that the app does not detect "hidden" networks. Unfortunately, this is true. The CoreWLAN framework used by WiFi Explorer, and other similar apps in the Mac App Store, does not provide any information from networks that have been configured to not broadcast their SSID or network name. WiFi Explorer will, however, find and display the information of a hidden network if you're connected to it, but if that's not the case, nothing will be shown.

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