October 2015

Using concept maps to become a CWAP (Part 6): Data Frames and Power Management

For Part 6 of this blog series I have two concept maps. The first concept map describes the format and function of a data frame, which is one of three types of frames defined by the 802.11 standard (the other two are management and control frames):

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WiFi Explorer Direct Purchase, Trials and More...

WiFi Explorer Direct Purchase

I want to thank the thousands of users for their support throughout all these years and also take the opportunity to make a big announcement. Starting today WiFi Explorer will have two distribution channels: Mac App Store and direct purchase (powered by Paddle).

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Using concept maps to become a CWAP (Part 5): What's an 802.11 Control Frame?

The past two weeks I've been busy at work and also ironing some winkles on WiFi Explorer after the El Capitan upgrade, so I didn't have a chance to work on any new concept maps until today. So far we have learned about the physical and MAC layers, as well as the format and function of the 802.11 management frames. The concept map for this week (see below) describes the 802.11 control frame. The main goal of control frames is to help with the delivery of management and data frames.

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