Here's my next concept map. It's about the 802.11 management frame. This map took me a little longer to elaborate because there is a lot of technical details about management frames that it made it harder to summarize. Remember that the idea behind the concept map is not to fit every single detail into a map but to summarize and highlight the most important concepts and relationships. Thus, not every single information element (IE) is described here and instead it only describes a few of the basic IEs. Also, some of the technical details about 802.11n networks, including IEs specifically defined under this amendment, were not included in this map since they will be covered in a future post.

What's an 802.11 Management Frame?Click to Enlarge

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If you want high-resolution images of these concept maps please DM me on Twitter or contact me here. It'd be also a good opportunity to hear what you think about the maps so far!