The past two weeks I've been busy at work and also ironing some winkles on WiFi Explorer after the El Capitan upgrade, so I didn't have a chance to work on any new concept maps until today. So far we have learned about the physical and MAC layers, as well as the format and function of the 802.11 management frames. The concept map for this week (see below) describes the 802.11 control frame. The main goal of control frames is to help with the delivery of management and data frames. They do not have a body (only a Layer 2 header and a trailer) and can be transmitted at different data rates depending on their particular function.

What's an 802.11 Control Frame?Click to Enlarge

Here the links to the concept maps from the previous weeks:

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Part 4: What's an 802.11 Management Frame?

If you want high-resolution images of these concept maps please DM me on Twitter or contact me here. It'd be also a good opportunity to hear what you think about the maps so far!