I want to thank the thousands of users for their support throughout all these years and also take the opportunity to make a big announcement. Starting today WiFi Explorer will have two distribution channels: Mac App Store and direct purchase (powered by Paddle). Direct purchase means you can buy a license (with up to 3 activations) and receive a copy of the app for $14.99 directly from my website.

Does this mean a trial version will be available now?

Yes, you can choose to evaluate WiFi Explorer before purchasing a license by downloading a 3-day trial version of the app (with no feature restrictions) and then activating the trial copy from within the app itself. A trial version is something I've been asked for in the past and was hesitant to offer but I'm confident that the features that make of WiFi Explorer a unique, low-cost solution for monitoring and troubleshooting SOHO (and in some cases small enterprise) wireless networks will convince potential users to buy it and support the development of it, so there you have it.

WiFi Explorer Direct Purchase

What are the advantages of a direct purchase?

The main advantage of a direct purchase is not having to wait for Apple to approve updates. If there's a problem with the app, I can fix it and have a new version available for download right away. In the direct purchase version of WiFi Explorer you can manually check for updates and update the app if a new version becomes available, or you can have the app check for updates automatically. Another advantage is that I can now offer features that are not possible to have in the Mac App Store version, although at this moment both versions are identical. And there's also an advantage for me: no 30% cut from Apple.

Something I want to clarify is that if in the future the direct purchase version includes a feature that is not available in the Mac App Store version, and you have previously purchased WiFi Explorer from the Mac App Store, you can download the trial version and the app will be automatically activated, which means you don't have to pay for it again. Isn't that nice?

I hope these changes mean not only a better customer experience but also can help engage more users to support the development of WiFi Explorer and other Wi-Fi tools. And as always, please do not hesitate to reach back if you have any questions about the new direct purchase distribution channel or the trial version of WiFi Explorer.