One of the things I enjoy the most of writing apps is designing their app icons. In fact, I rarely can start writing any code until I come up with the app's name and icon. Of all the icons I have designed, the icon for Airtool is the one I like the most, followed by the icon for WiFi Explorer. My wife agrees with that sentiment, so a few months back she asked her friend to make me a custom t-shirt using the icon from Airtool. It turned out to be a very nice t-shirt and one that I wear with pride because the icon really captures the essence of what the apps I've created help users do: Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

At some point, the t-shirt made it to my Twitter avatar and a group of Wi-Fi folks in the Twitter space started asking about it. I was busy but finally found some time to make it available on Teespring. Now you can wear it and show others you're ready to stop the spreading of poor Wi-Fi, while supporting the development of more Wi-Fi tools!

Your Wi-Fi Troubleshooting T-Shirt