Setapp is a new subscription service from MacPaw that will offer up to 300 handpicked, high quality macOS apps, including WiFi Explorer, for a flat monthly fee. You can think of it as a Netflix for apps.

"Setapp is free (and will always be) from advertising, in-app purchases, and paid updates. You sign up, install it on your Mac, and get instant access to all the apps on the list."

MacPaw are the makers of CleanMyMac, Gemini and other very popular apps. They've been working on Setapp for over a year and are very committed to make it a great experience for users and developers. The Setapp integration is very well done and it feels like if it was just part of macOS. They also have a set of guidelines for developers to make sure that applications meet the highest quality standards.

WiFi Explorer Preview

As a solo developer, Setapp comes to fulfill a need for an alternative distribution channel that not only increases exposure, but can also generate a constant revenue stream to stimulate the development of new features and improvements. However, if a subscription-based model is simply not for you, that's okay, the app will continue to be offered in the Mac App Store and as direct purchase (including the 3-day trial).

An invite-only beta of the service was launched today and includes WiFi Explorer together with other 45+ apps. Setapp has given me invite codes to distribute among existing users or just people who might be interested on trying this new service.

If you wish to try Setapp, subscribe to receive an invitation for immediate access: